Patient Testimonials

Both my wife and I are patients of Dr. Krawitz and we consider him to be one of the best physicians we have. My wife has a surgical procedure and the results were excellent. I recently had cataract surgery and the results were phenomenal. I must admit that I was a little nervous about having eye surgery but Dr. Krawitz took the time to explain the procedure, and put me at ease. I have the utmost trust in his skills and expertise. In addition to his competence and skills as a physician, Dr. Krawitz also exhibits a care and concern for his patients. In addition, the entire Huntington Eye Care staff is extremely professional and customer service friendly. Without reservation, I would highly recommend Dr. Krawitz to anyone who needs an ophthalmologist.
– George Weissinger, Ph. D.


“Was extremely pleased with results!  Can’t believe I waited so long!  Had been wearing glasses for 57 years and now getting used to needing only reading glasses is a new experience for me.  ….to surgical center for 6 AM –back home having breakfast by 9 AM!  Would highly recommend Dr. Krawitz and this procedure.”  
– Maureen Bennett

“Excellent service and communication all around.  Everyone helpful–answered all questions.  Dr. Krawitz did excellent job–very pleased.  Dr. Cohen also very helpful and informative and concerned.  Staff very considerate and upbeat.”
– Robert J. Candela
“I couldn’t be happier or more satisfied.  The entire process was flawless.  After 60 years wearing glasses, including 30 years of contacts plus reading glasses, I no longer need contacts or glasses of any kind for near and distance vision.  Dr. Krawitz’s expertise and skill has literally changed my life.”  
– Richard A. Erckert
“I have spent the bulk of my life with awful vision.  I have been suffering for over 50 years with chronic eye strain and headaches.  Dr. Krawitz has changed my life.  I no longer need the coke bottle prescription that I wore for years and no longer need contact lenses.  I wake up each and every morning like a new person.  Thank you, Dr. Krawitz.”  
– Francine Schlingbaum
“This was my second surgery with Dr. Krawitz (2009) for cataracts.  The experience was once again exceptional from beginning of the process to the post operative follow up, inclusive of exceeding expectations with the results achieved.  I would highly, and have, recommended Dr. Krawitz and his team.”  
– Brian Burke
“The whole experience was painless and professional!  And best of all, I can see now.  I can drive at night and I don’t need prescription eyeglasses (3.00+up).  I can read like 20 years ago with drugstore reading glasses, and sometimes without.  Bless Dr. P. Krawitz and the whole team (office and surgery center), together you all performed a miracle for me!  Thank you!’  
– Louis Avino, Jr.