Cataract Surgery – The Patient Experience

Pre-operative preparation for ophthalmic surgery

Melville Surgery Center’s pre-operative nurses are renowned for their efficiency and reassuring bedside manner.

Patients of Dr. Krawitz describe their cataract surgery as fast, easy and painless. In Dr. Krawitz’s hands, most surgeries last between 3 and 10 minutes long. There are no shots, no stitches, and no needles. Afterwards, there is not even a patch or cover over the eye – so you can begin to use your new vision immediately!

All cataract surgery patients are given a mild intravenous sedative that helps to make you drowsy and relaxed, but won’t put you to sleep. It won’t make you nauseous, and it wears off after only a few minutes. Also, in case you’re worried about seeing the surgery being performed on your eye, that’s impossible to do.

The surgeries are performed at Melville Surgery Center, a premier outpatient facility that participates in most insurances.

These are a few of our patients’ comments the day after their cataract surgery with Dr. Krawitz:

“They sat me in the chair. I asked the nurse when the surgery would begin. She told me it was already over!”

“The Melville staff are so reassuring!”

“I didn’t feel a thing, and today I see wonderfully! I have told all my friends about my wonderful experience.”

“When my husband drove me home,  I could see the leaves clearly on the trees for the first time in years!”

“Everything was outstanding…Huntington Eye Care friendly staff, Dr. Cohen’s lens measurements, the surgery center staff, and of course, Dr. Krawitz and his gifted hands.”

“It’s rare to find a doctor that you have complete faith in.”

“Everything was so bright and colorful the next day!”

“I don’t need glasses anymore to drive. Wow!”


…And then there are the humorous anecdotes that result from having better vision:

“When did I get so many wrinkles?”

“When did my husband get so many wrinkles?”

“Now I see all the dust in my kitchen!”

“I thought my walls were yellow. But they’re white!”